So I realize I am a little behind on the blog posts - about 6 months behind - but notes have been carfully filed, and now I have a chance to catch up. So when last I posted for you beer fans, we had an impending beer club meeting to be hosted by our Sargent at Arms, Ross.
Ross started strong with an nostalgic offering: Lucky Lager. Lucky was at one time brewed in Victoria (Ross is from Campbell River), and it enjoys a dedicated following on Vancouver Island. In fact Ross is so confident that it tastes different out west than in Ontario, he had the Lucky transported from the Island specifically for this beer club meeting. According to Ross two 8 packs are perfect for the night with two left overs to leave inthe truck for the lake in the morning. Here is what the club officers had to say:

VP (Will): Tastes the way beer tasted in the 7th grade - even more if it were warm.
Dunce (Fergal): Tastes like a shot gun
Juggernaut (Ronan): Tastes so smooth...I cant wait to have my 16 pack and pass out in the bed of Ross's truck
TTC (Parks): God bless big red X
Pres (Joel): Tastes like the west coast. Soft water makes it marshmellowy. BC big brewery beer is always softer tasting because water used to 'water down' the beer is always local.
Secretary (Kim): all that is missing is a fishing boat
Ross: a little home sweet home

Group Criticism: cans are too small

Side note: beer was brought by Ross's parents who imported into the states and back to Canada.

Banks - Carribean Lager 4.7%...the barbadian water gives a unique taste. Kent at the LCBO helped Ross with this pick (none of us know Kent)

Dunce: Nice beer
(nice comment Dunce)

Secretary: very soft on the toungue
(that's what she said)

VP: refreshing and malty. Makes me wish I was on vacation.

SAA: heineken aftertast

Pres: beer has three technical faults *see, at least one of us is smart*
1. Beer is light struck which gives a skunkie taste, like red stripe. The flavour is associated with high end imported beer, but it may actually be UV penetrated...smells a bit like burnt rubber or a fart
2. Has Diacetyl in it which gives it  a butter/carmel flavour
3. Oxidized due to poor pump in process. Gives the beer a paper/cardboard taste.
It sounds like I'm shitting all over this beer, but I actually like it.

7:45PM - Ross unveils the new Clue board game. All af the Characters have been changed to members of the executive. We are blown away and compliment Ross on a great idea. Secretly though we all think that this is the work of his girlfriend Brittani.

Pumphouse Blueberry Ale from Moncton

This is from the 2005 brewery of the year. They munch up the blueberries, and let it sit, making the beer very high in fructose and dry.

All: Smells like PEZ

Dunce: Breakfast beer

SAA: Where's the syrup

TTC: I'd pour this on my cheesecake

VP: has thick aftertaste, like most friut beers not done right

Secretary: I don't normally like fruit in my beer, but this feels healthy. Are there any anti-oxidant properties in the blueberries?

Pres: I thought it was cider

Criticism - it doesn't come with a story

*snack interlude of smoked meat sandwiches*

WELLS IPA (bedford, UK)

made with cane sugar/brown sugar originally because malt was taxed so this was cheaper
VP: it has a Rye/Whiskey taste

TTC: if i lived in a cardboard box and had $7 i'd buy one.

Pres: Crackerjack aroma, clear on the pallet and dry finish

Secretary: Smells and looks like mollasses

SAA: 2L bottle fits easily in backpack...twist of plastic cap means no unecessary tools for the road.

-brought by Bridget as an offering to the Executive in hopes we woudl let her pledge 'the club'.
12 kilos of ginger are added to during the brewing process. Joel first brewed it in 1988.

VP: I like its dryness, and that it has balls

Secretary: Delicious. The pperfect pallet cleanser to wrap up beer club.

Pres: a great hot weather beer.

And with that, another beer club was cluncluded, but leaves us with a few questions:

*Why don't we drink Ginger beer more often?

*What becomes of Bridgit in her quest to become the clubs sole member?

*How far away is Parks from actually living in a cardboard box?

*Are we sure that Ronan attended this meeting?

For the answers to these and other questions keep looking for the minutes to the next beer club (which I promise will be up in less then 6 months)