Still late but plugging away. They will all get up here eventually.
So, back in September with The Dunce as our host (that is Fergal for those that forget) We started our beer club meeting promptly at 7:01 with Pumkin Ale from Great Lakes Brewery. Here are the tasting notes from the executive.
Fergal: less spicy than Mill St's. Not much bite to it.
Ross - didn' try it as pumkin ale provokes the gag reflex in him...similar to what tequila does to some people, even though it is only beer...pussy
Parks: beer brewed with pumkin and spices
-very intelligent Parks-
Ronan: I prefer Mill st's
-what a suck up-
Kim: Tastes like it needs more of a kick to have a pumkin/spice/fall felling. Weak initial flavour, overpowering after taste.
Joel:had no comment
Will: wasn't there

Next up was St Peter's English Ale from Suffolk England

Kim: best looking Bottle ever
Joel: It's a long way from the brewery. Tastes like wet paper (i.e. stale). best bottle yet at beer club
Ronan: Looks like an old bottle of medicine

Next up Dead Elephant from St. Thomas, ON
kim: bottle belongs at a circus
parks; smells like gym socks
Joel: Honey sweet taste, very hoppy
Ross: Nailed it that it had carmel taste. Thick, i like it but too thick.
parks: tastes so good, i could have an elephant in my pants
Ronan: it's a little circus-ie

Last on the agenda - Duchy Original from Waitrose

Joel: That's a pint you coulf take you coat off to. I could drink a shitload of those. That is the best pint that i've had in  a long time.
*the UK gov't recommends that men don't exceed 3 - 4 pint units daily and women 2 - 3*

Kim: Nice Aroma, amberish colour, nice clean taste

Fergal: hates Joel

and so beer club ended

Conclusion: beer clubs are not as good when Will isn't there