Thursday July 29th was a special day for Beer Club, as it marks the day the club became official. The club's constitution was tabled and signed. Officers were elected. Please read on in quiet awe. The offices are as follows in order of election:

Dunce: Fergal
Secretary: Kim
Juggernaut: Ronan
Sargent at Arms: Ross
President: Joel
Vice President: Will
Treasurer and Technical Chair: Adrian

It should be noted that the voting for all offices was hotly contested with the exception of the Dunce office which Fergal managed to win in a unanimous first ballot.

Not only did this meeting provide all but one of the club members with an elevated sense of self worth as a result of their new titles, it provided them with the opportunity to sample some beer. And, by coincidentce it was the newly elected president's turn to host.

First on the list: Golden Pheasant. It is brewed in Slovakia, and has been owned by Heineken since 1995. The interesting thing about this beer, is that the brewery still makes its own malt, which is not very common these days. Here is what the club members had to say...
Juggernaut: Delicious. The beer is accessible to the public - accessible like the Arcade Fire, not like the Jonas Brothers

VP: an anytime beer. Similar bitter finish to Stella, but slightly fuller flavour.

TTC: Bitter finish, refreshing. Could drink alot of them

SAA: remins me of travelling Europe

Pres: Tastes like drinking fresh beer in Europe

Sec: Perfect patio/beach beer. Could drink all day int he sun

The next one to try was Ruddles County made in Suffolk, England. It is what you would call a classic english bitter. It has a sunset orange colour, lower carbonation, and is made with english hops.

Sec: Good for one. Too heavy a taste for more.

VP: likes it. could drink a couple. definite sweetness at the beginning. bitter finish and less carbonation. the smell is liek the secondary fermentation process.

SAA: Would love to drink at 9am watching footy. 

TTC: an indoor beer. couldn't have 6, but could have a few. Would like to 'cuddle with a ruddle'. If there was a Sex in the City marathon, it woudl pair perfectly.

Jug: a good beer after a dreary commute after work

Pres: Tastes the way secondary fermentation smells.

Next up was something none but the president had tried before. Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier - a German smoked beer. The malt is smoked over a beechwood fire, and then aged in wood barrels in the hills surrounding the brewery.

Sec: It's like a BBQ and a beer all in one. "This beer is giving me hot flashes"

TTC: when i drink a beer that tastes like meat I get excited

VP: are you FCKN kidding me. By far the most unique beer i've ever had. Feels like a beer that could be appropriate in any social 'Sultans of Swing' by Dire Straits.

SAA: Tastes like the best smokey BBQ i've never been to...and hickory sticks

Jug: Most unique beer i've liked the most on first taste

Pres: was surprised at such a positive response

With the tasting part of the gathering behind us, and the beer club constitution imprinted with a sufficient number of beer rings and spills, it was time to sign the document and make everything official. At this point, our new president (we were certain at this point we had made the right choice) pulled out a bottle of Thomas Hardy's Ale to toast the signing. The beer was brewed and bottled by Eldridge Pope and Co, in Dorcet England way back in 1987. They don't allow it out of the brewery for at least 2 years after brewing, and it is said to be best after 20. We were right in the sweet spot.
Sec: smells like whiskey, looks like red wine, tastes like history

TTC: tastes like Napoleon's balls

VP: it's over 20 years old. It transcends comment

Other Officers: Agree

And with that we concluded the greatest beer club meeting in the history of the universe.

Note the the club is now accepting applications for pledges

Next meeting August 25th hosted by the Sargent at Arms.

Stay tuned!