Kim is our host tonight, and the first beer is...wait for it...

FRULI - a strawberry beer (a belgian white beer with pure strawberry)
here's what we had to say
Kim - could drink quite a few of these (she always says that)
Will - refreshing, but too sweet = hangover
Kim - better with vodka
Bridgit - Mousse is fine (what is mousse you ask? i don't know), not berry enough. tastes like strawberry marshmellow candies
Ross - koolaid
Dunce - too sweet to have too many. woudl be good as a drink over ice
Joel - Not berry enough and too fruity. strawberries don't have enough acidity to balance sweetness

Next up: Duvel from the Brewery Moortgat. It is a Belgian golden ale, whose name is flemish for Devil
Dunce - party in a bottle
Will - for an advanced palate - yeasty strong flavour would offend if you weren't expecting it. Yeast adds to "grassroots authenticity" (this Will guy sure is smart)
Kim - what about Will and this yeast infection?
Bridgid - feminine, floral, sensual, dry finish keeps you progressing through it (I think bridg has a bit of a thing for this beer).
Parks - bed of roses iin a pint glass (what a wuss)
Sim - good preparation beer
Joel - YUM flavour complex - staled hops add bitterness without alot of floral aroma. complexity comes from yeast, malt, and complex process in brewery

Next up: Chimay White Cap - Trappist Monastic Beer
Will - sweetness, yeast dominates - good for getting pissed (man this guy is smart)
Brigid - inelegant, punches you in the face. tropically fruity and floral but coarse
Joel - Murky, generic belgian beer
Parks - prefer this one
Ronan - prefer this one

****the length of comments starts to indicate that the high alcohol content in the beer is starting to catch up with the otherwise articulate group

last for the evening: Chimay Red - spicy, peppery; compared to white bread dough
Will - less offensive. maltiness offsets the yeasty tang. (so clever and insightfull)
Dunce - boring for how big it is
Bridgid - oxidized, bready autolysis (what?) spicy
Joel - coarse - doesn't have the apple ester that was prevalent
Ross - alcoholic twirl cone
Parks - bwibwibiwbiwiwib
Kim - dark one is my favorite
Ronan - (distracted and drunk)



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