After a trip to Germany, Joel returns with some awesome german stuff

Aecht Schlenferla Rauchbier Edelbrand
-taken as a shot
-straight white lightning
Kim - this stuff could kill ya
everyone else - mmm

Mahr's Brau
-From Bamberg...can only be found 100km from brewery
- blond lager
- day in day out drinking beer
-floral hop notes, and grainy
-mash by repeat boiling of portions of malt
Will - Beck's little sister. A breakfast beer
Kim - I coudl drink this out of a one litre stein

Privat Brauerei Fassla Bamberg
- from 1640's brew pub
- 6%, light flavour, dark appearance
-slightly metallic
-smells like styraphoam tray with Hamberg meat

Parks - smooth easy drinking
Will  - Situational beer - good for drinks with lunch, but not for getting shtcanned

Unertl Weissbier
Joel - coolest bottle ever, amber wheat beer
Will - smells a bit like an oyster
-banana bread cinnamon taste
-wet dog aroma
_goes great with walnut cheese

Spezial Rauchbier
-smoked beer
1 of 2 smoked beers made in germany

Mill St Rauchbier
-More complex flavour than spezial
_ made in a hand made smoker with untreated brichwood
-every batch can be made different according to how it is smoked

-Molasses penny taste, brewed since 1543
-brewed by breweries to be mixed with other brews to adjust colour

****you may notice that there was not alot of commentary. That is because we were in awe of the marvels of Joels trip to germany. We were also drunk.
We then had another shot and concluded beer club.


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